And Detox Your Brain.

Did you know journaling has health benefits? What we think and feel are interconnected with what goes on in our bodies. Journaling can be both a stress buster and your compass to understanding your emotions.

My personal journey to journaling

I was given my first journal…

Your future depends on what you do today!

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Getting what you want is about long-term vision planning, short-term goal setting, and choosing daily habits that set you up for long-term success.

Do you forget to give yourself credit for the progress, however small, you…

Use them to shine a beacon of light on your next steps.

Road sign depicting wrong way
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When you start a business or transition into a new career, no one really prepares you for how to deal with failure or rejection. You might read about it. But it becomes a steep learning curve of self-discovery…

And building my personal brand in the process

Front door welcome of LinkedIn office
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With more than 700 million users on LinkedIn, it’s definitely a platform for business. It’s not just about job searches anymore. It’s about creating interesting connections, sharing, caring and contributing too. LinkedIn is how many do business in the digital era today.

Self-compassion is the answer.

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You are unique.

An individual with a unique set of competences, personality and way of being and doing. No one else on earth is or will ever be like you. Good or bad.

It’s never a bad thing to admire, live up to or secretly dream…

Check your work-life balance.

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Work-life balance is only possible when you value yourself.


There’s no other way.

Expectations you have on yourself are almost always higher than your employer. Why does it take burnout, a chronic illness or a stress-related disorder to make you realise it?

Working all hours…

Bring a new dimension of cozy into your life. The Danish way.

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Hygge took the world by storm when Meik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, published The Little Book of Hygge — The Danish Way to Live Well. Now everyone has the opportunity to experience hygge. In real time. Without travelling to Denmark.

The Danes are supposedly one of the…

Review your year, close a chapter and be ready for 2021.

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Here’s a confession. I’m a personal development junkie.

It all started back in 2008 when I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Books, courses, quotes, podcasts — you name it. I devour them. Not endlessly. I need time for reflection and digestion in between. I’m…

Fast track your intuition and live a happier life.

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Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt something wasn’t right? Stopped dead in your tracks and wanted to exit the situation? Or felt uncomfortable in someone’s presence? Or made a decision based on a feeling alone?

This was probably…

Here’s how to deal with it through career transition.

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Does your fear of failure hold you back? Are you worried you’re not good enough to be successful in a completely different career? Don’t feel confident in your ability to take the actions to make…

Karin Weiser

Business coach and writer. British by birth, global by choice. My dog, yoga, dark chocolate and sea dipping keep me sane.

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